Aunt Letter 26.06.14

Miss A. Templeman

38 Cross Road


Nr. Peterboro


Peterborough 12.15pm 26 JU 14


21 Thorney Dyke

June 26/1914

My Dear Niece

A line in answer to your letter received yesterday ??????? it may find you all well as it leaves us all fairly well I should have come up today but am busy I have only been home a fortnight and expect being called away again almost directly so thought I will send you a line then you could get on with them for. I might get a ??ride?? up and perhaps I might not I cannot tell but you can get me 2 stone of gooseberrys if you can spare them if you could get and send them on Monday night by Mr Bingham or Tuesday morning by Mr Mills I should be very pleased I should feel sure of getting them boiled down as I shall get next week at home I think send me a note inside and say how much they are and I will send you the money if I find I cannot get up next week. I must close now with much love from Annie and myself and us all

I remain your

Affectionate Aunt


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