Letter – 12.02.15



Mr F. O. ?????





Passed by No 2869 Censor

FE 15 15


British Expeditionary Force


Dear Father

Pleased to receive your letter, and glad to hear you are all in the best of health as it leaves me the same at present. We are having it pretty stiff at present, and the weather is enough to kill any animal, we are having rain, snow, frost and it is very cold. We got relieved the other night to have a rest and we could not see our way at all, we had to

2/ hold onto each others tails so we should not lose the way. It was pouring with rain and we got wet through but the worst of it is we cannot dry our clothes, so we had to keep them on and let them dry. I hope the boy won’t have to come out here, it is all right reading the papers, but you want to be out here to see what it is like. The Germans

3/ have played havoc about here, the houses are knocked down at several places and those which are not down, have got the windows out and holes in the wall. There are poor children walking about who have lost their parents, and parents who have lost their children, with no house to go to, they sleep

4/ where they can in barns stables and even in stacks. The trenches are very bad some of the poor fellows stand over their knees in mud and water and shake of cold all the time. We have not lost many since we got here, about twenty killed and wounded, all the boys are alright at present. So Aurevior

From Your

Loving Son.


???? (unidentified word at angle across bottom of page)

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