Postcard – 15.09.18

Opened by Censor P.W. 1328



Gustrow 19 ???????? 6-7M

Gepruft I a Gustrow 199

PAID Nov 20 8

Miss A. Templeman

38 Cross Road





My address: Full name: Earnest Templeman Prisoner of War

  1. 19th Essex Reg Gustrow (I M) Germany

Gustrow in Mecklenberg


15/9 1918


My Dear father and sisters

I know it is a long time since you had a letter from me but please excuse me as I can only write a letter once a fortnight but I have sent you several cards just to le you know that I am alright I had a letter from Sam the same day I got yours it seems he is out to work this year I was sorry to hear such bad news about G. Lutkin but you did not say whether he had been wounded or what was the matter with him but I hope he will soon be a man again you mentioned in your letter about Flo and the boys Photo but I think I told you on a post card that I had received it alright and I think it is very good of them when you write again don’t forget to let me know how George is getting on I wish I could write to him please remember me to all friends at home when you see them and write as often as you can as I can read letters if I cant write them must close now with love to you all from your loving brother Ern

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