Letter – 07.03.16

10333 M. G. Section

2nd Suffolk Regt

British Expeditionary Force



Dear Annie

just a few lines hoping they will find you all well at home as it leaves me at present. I see by your letter that you have had some rough weather hope it may soon be a bit better we have had a lot out here snow and rain and cold winds and it does not seem to clear any

but hope it wont be long before it does. I was sorry to do that bill joules is going to be called up as is mother will miss him so I think there are a lot who ought to be sent before him. I have not seen A Taylor yet but would like to run against him have had a letter from him since he as been out here hope he may have the best of luck was pleased to hear that Annie Peck was getting better also so lily hope

they keep so I hada letter from Harry and one from Sam the other week they told me that they was getting on allright but Harry had not done any work for a long while but hope he may have somee to do before long I wa surprised to hear that Sam Peck had been grouped but dont think that he would be any good out here I have

not got a lot of news for you this time so will close hopeing these few lines will find you all well at home also Earn and Florrie and baby give my love to them when you see them allso all Unkles and Aunts and cousins will close now with best of love and good wishes to all at home

I remain

your loving Brother

  1. Templeman

P.S. remember me to all enquiring friends


Miss A Templeman

38 Cross Rd




Field Post-  10 MA 16 – 76

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