Letter – 24.04.15


Dear Annie

just a few lines hoping they will find you all well at home as it leaves me at present. When you write again will you send a paper or two just to have a read in my spare time and to know how things are goig on. Did I tell you in my lst letter that I had seen the Cambs Territorials I saww them the day before Good Fryday and they was going to omve on the next morning so have not seen them since. I saw a lot of Whittlesea chaps and they was getting on allright then H. Smith said he was fed up with it and wish he was at home I think there are a lot of chaps just the same. We are having some nice weather now and I hope it may keep so as it is much better for us. I hope the day wont be long before I can

come and see you all with the war all done but I am afraid it wont be yet. no dout you get to know more than me we do not here as most of the papers we see out here are a week old. I saw Tom Ruff about a week ago but could not get to speak to him but I think he was allright if looks are anything to go by. I have not received a letter from you this time since we have been out of trenches if I do get one I will send a card to let you know it is Sunday today I started the letter yesterday but did not finish it as I thought I would wait and see if I got a letter. Well Dear I hope Farther and George are in work and quite well also Earn and Florrie and Unkle Will Aunt alice and the children

give my love to them when you see them also all inquireing friends. I have not much more news to tell you this time so will close with love to all at home and except the same yourslef I remai

your loving Brother



Field Post Office 8 – AP 27 15

On Active Service (etc)

Miss A. Temlpeman

38 Cross Road




Back of envelope: I certify on my honour that the contents of this envelope refer to nothing but private and family matters

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