Letter – 28.05.16

10333 M. G. Section

2nd Suffolk Regt

  1. E. F.



Dear Annie

just a few lines in answer to your letter which I was pleased to receive and to know you was all well at home. I was sorry to hear about George Parkers wife it is a bit hard for him being away from home at the time. I se by your letter that Earn as have to leave the ?brickyard but hope as got some thing to do before now. you sent me G. Loveridge address but did not put in where he was his he out here or in England as I do not know if that would find him let me know as soon as you can. hope Father and George are well and may they keep in work. sorry to hear about Mrs Garnet hope she may get on allright

I had a letter from J. Croate he told me that he was on government work at Norttingham hopes he may get on well. we are having some more nice weather just no with a little rain now and again to keep the crops growing they are looking well where we are what sort have they got at home. hope Unkle Sam and Lewie and her husband are well remember me to them when you see them again. hope Unkle Jack and family are well after having the measels and glad to hear that Annie is getting better. I am sorry to tell you that A Lemmon was killed on the 21st he was shot by a sniper he did not live many minutes so he did not suffer much pain I saw him about an hour before he was killed but did

not see him any more I feel sorry for his wife and children and his mother as they will miss him a lot I do not know if his wife knows or not but should think she would before now all the others from Whttlesea are well what are in the same regiment as I am. I had a letter from A. Taylor 2 weeks ago he told me he was going home on leave do not know if you saw him. do you hear from Aunt Patty let me know how she is when you write again and remember me to her. Well Dear there is not a lot more new to tell you this time so will close with best of love and good wishes to all at home hoping

to hear from you soon

I remain

your loving Brother

Fred Templeman

P.S. give my love to Earn and Florrie and their family

remember me to all inquireing friends if any


Miss A. Templeman

38 Cross. Rd




29 MY 16  – 76

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