Letters – 29.06.15

10333 Pte F. Templeman

  1. Coy

2nd Suffolk Regt

  1. expeditionary Force



“Good luck from ‘Woman’s World’ – I send this rose that you may know, I think of you where’er you go.”

Dear George

just a few lines hoping they will find you all well at home as it leaves me at present. I got the pipes and ??????? allright thank you very much for them as they was very exceptable it is a bit of a change to have a clay pipeas they are very scarce out here and when we can get one they are no good. A. Lemmon told me he had seen you also Earn and said you was getting on allright hope you keep in the best of heath and good work I expect you and Earn are working at the same place now did Daisy tell you what part of the ?crowntry? we wwa in now if he did you know we are in a warm place

I think it was rather hot the last time we was in trenches we have been out a week or more now the most we have been out since i have been out here for one strech shall be glad when we are out for good as it is getting sickening but it looks like lasting a long while yet.

We are having some very nise weather now and every thing looks well where we are now it is a treat to have a look round and see the corn a growing and ??????? plants aso ?hays? most things are like they are in England but the soil is not so good here as it is a home but they work hard and keep the land clean. Well Dear George I must lose now as the dinner is just coming up now and I must not miss that as we do not get many hot dinners now but have plenty of bully beef and biscuits well must finish now hoping these few lines we find you all quite well at home

I remain

your loving brother Fred

remember me to inquiring friends


“Good Luck from ‘Woman’s World’ – there’s luck in this spray of the dainty bluebell, So I send it to you, dear, my true love to tell”

Dear Annie

just a few lines thaking you for sending me the soap and others things which I recieved all right Daisygot back allright monday dinner time they could not get back any sooner as they had a long way to come when they got off the boat I was glad to hear you was all getting on allright at home hope Farther may keep in good health I see by your letter that he was at work a the same old job hope he may keep well to do it no dout he will soon think of harvest work as it is getting on for it I wish we could get home for it but do not see much chance for it hope there are some good crops this year. you had told me about ?Mr ?Aberling was sorry

to hear about it A Lemmon told me he had enjoyed himself those few days it is not a very long time but must be nice to get home just to see old faces again. I was glad to hear Annie Peck was getting on allright hope she may keep improving you will see I have put your letter in with Georges I hope you dont mind have notany more news to tell you this time so will close with love to all at home and except the same yourslef

I remain

you loving brother


give my love to all Unkles and Aunts and cousins also to Earn and Florrie and remember me to all enquiring Friends.


Field Post Office 8 – JU 29 15

On Active Service (etc)

Mr. G. Temlpeman

38 Cross Road




Back of envelope: I certify on my honour that the contents of this envelope refer to nothing but private and family matters

Signature (name only): F. Templeman

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