Graves and Memorials

There are several First World War memorials in the Whittlesey area.

Individual soldiers who died in the war may have come home and died of injuries, had their bodies repatriated for burial, been buried in a military cemetery near where they fell ,or have no grave but be recorded on a mass memorial near a battle site. Sadly, the last two were the most common.

Of course, many soldiers also survived the war and their graves are found throughout the rest of the twentieth century.

First World War grave in St. Thomas’ graveyard, Pondersbridge (there are other graves from this date but many are illegible and those which can be read are all of civilians).

Gravestone of Sarah Ann Cumbridge and William Cumbridge

First World War period graves in Whittlesey Cemetery (including civilians):

Gravestone of Pte. William G. Walton & Pte.George W. Walton R MLI

Gravestone of Edward Setchfield

Gravestone of James William Knighton

Gravestone of John Edward Hankins

Gravestone of Ellen Bates

Gravestone of Private J. W. Hutchcraft

Gravestone of James Hipwell

Gravestone of E. A. Taylor

Gravestone of Sarah Jane Norfield

Gravestone of J. F. Bull

Gravestone of Elizabeth Alice Adams

Gravestone of Pte. James Duller

Gravestone of J. W. Argent

Grave Marker of Arthur Symonds

Gravestone of Private J. May

Gravestone of E. A. Hurry