This page contains pictures and information about local people from the time of World War One. If you have any pictures or information about your relatives who came from Whittlesey, Coates, Eastrea, Pondersbridge or Turves and are not listed here, we would love to hear from you and add more information to this page: please email to

Pte. J. W. Canham (Coates)

Ptes. Arthur and Walter Coles (Whittlesey)

Acting-Sergt. Charles Cumbridge V.C. (Pondsbridge)

Sergeant James Death – Survivor

The Hurry Family (Whittlesey)

Pte. J. W. Knighton (Whittlesey)

Albert Maulkin

Ex-Corpl. Arthur Newman (Whittlesey)

Company-Sergt.-Major T. Oldfield (Whittlesey & Holme)

The Palmer Family (Whittlesey)

Corporal Rawson – The first fatality

Lieut. E. W. Saunders (Whittlesey)

Driver H. Skeggs (Whittlesey)

Capt. H. H. Staton (Whittlesey & Thorney)

J. R. L. Thomas (Pondsbridge)

Pte. H. Townsend (Coates)

Pte. H. F. White (Whittlesey)